Alcohol Facts and Myths

Located on the board next to my room is a board that can test you on how much you think you know about alcohol. Make sure to lift up the paper under the question to see the answer.20171015_165521257_iOS




With midterms right around the corner use this door dec as a reminder to not forget to take time to relax. Whether its fishing, sitting in a hammock, videogames, reading a book, or taking a nap do whatever keeps your brain fresh and ready for rocking those tests

Packer Party


Last Thursday a group of guys from both wings on the fourth floor watched the Packers annihilate the Bears. It turned out to be a long game from the weather delay but we all had fun watching the game, doing homework, and eating popcorn.

You Matter Board


September is suicide awareness month and in respect for that I decided to end this month with a board that should lift spirits up.  So make sure to check out my board and always remember that no matter how hard college or life gets, you matter!

Salsa Making


Last night, Anthony and I were joined by Greg and Cody while we learned how to make Salsa. The event was held in the garden outside of campus and hosted by the sustainability office in campus. It was very fun and informative way to make a healthy snack while learning how to be sustainable for ourselves… and I think our salsa tastes amazing.