Happy move-in day! I hope everyone has had an amazing summer and is ready for another great year at Platteville. I want to take this time to welcome you to McGregor Hall 4 west wing and this webpage. Throughout the year I will use this webpage to keep everyone informed of what is happening in the hall, the building, and on campus so make sure to check it out often and subscribe with your email on the side.

This is the webpage from past years as well so everything below this post is from last year and everything above this post will me new items.

I look forward to getting to know everyone as this year goes on.




Game Night

Tuesday Night was an impromptu game night that has turned into an entire week of games. The guys have been playing evil apples for a while now and got me involved so now every day before finals is a day to get a little fun in and help loosen the stress finals puts on you.

Out for a Rip

I’m ready to rip out of the spring and into the summer and as the weather gets nicer and the school year gets shorter, be sure to get outside this summer and not stay inside all summer! Remember to practice good fire safety with bonfires and don’t litter this summer.