Be who you are…


Another board that I put up is a simple quote from Dr. Seuss. It is one of my favorites because it’s so simple.


Diversity of Penguins


Make sure to check out the new board outside the bathroom. It’s about the diversity of penguins and how life is full of diversity and it is important to embrace everything regardless of its differences

Professor Cummings

Update from last week… Dr. Cummings came to McGregor Hall and joined us for pizza and icecream while she talked about the Fundamental Engineering (FE) Exam. The FE exam is the exam that engineers need to take if they wish to become a professional engineer. Dr. Cummings talked about what you need to do to take the FE exam, and the Professional Engineering Exam and what the exam is like as well as what the PE exam is like. We had a larger turn out from the entire hall which was great to see because the FE and PE are both large, overwhelming exams.



With midterms right around the corner use this door dec as a reminder to not forget to take time to relax. Whether its fishing, sitting in a hammock, videogames, reading a book, or taking a nap do whatever keeps your brain fresh and ready for rocking those tests