Reasons to Celebrate in May

Finals may not be a reason to celebrate…but finishing them sure is! Check out this board for reasons to celebrate in May!



To match the googly eye turkeys, I present to you pom-pom nosed reindeer! With the changing of the seasons and snow starting to hit the ground some people may start to experience seasonal depression. I hope these festive door decs will help lift your mood and carry you through the winter season. Also, remember your RA is also here to talk to if needed.


C&C Bowl

The newest addition to your RA’s room is a condom and candy bowl! So be sure to swing by, say hi, and grab whatever you need to make your day better. Be sure to relieve stress safely and be sure to come to your RA if you ever feel like you need someone to talk to.


Motivational Posters

(Picture will be uploaded soon)

I hope everyone enjoyed the motivational poster board.  I hope that this will give you some more motivation to do well this semester!  If you have a favorite motivational quote that wasn’t included on the board!  Let me know in the comments!