Halloween Theme Stress Board

Since it is getting close to Halloween and midterms I figured I would make a cool board incorporating both of them to help residents get over stress.


Fall into good habits board

With the fall season here I decided to do a board with a list of good habits to get into and to keep up! This board gives examples on some things they can do to stay healthy!


Chandler and I had a bit of a struggle getting the grill to fire up at first but as soon as it got started the residents flowed in! We had close to 20 residents! Overall I think it was a successful and fun event.

Packers vs Vikings!

Anthony and I decided to invite our residents down to the movie room to watch the divisional showdown between the Packers and the Vikings. We had popcorn, pop, and fun! This game was exciting to watch and awesome to share with our residents!

Season opener!

After my first wing meeting on Thursday, Kevin and I decided to go to the basement and watch the first regular season NFL game. When we were watching it we had a pretty good and interesting conversation due to the fact that the game was boring. I got to know about where Kevin works (maintenance at a school), what he did over the summer (visited a few different states and flew in an airplane for the first time), and a few other awesome things about him.

Pizza and a movie!

Chandler and myself decided to take our residents Kevin and Max to the free CPR movie and pizza event. On our way to the event we got to know Kevin and Max better by asking them where they are from and what they like to do. They are both from Milwaukee but both have some different tastes in hobbies. Also

, they both like the Packers!