Game Night

Tuesday Night was an impromptu game night that has turned into an entire week of games. The guys have been playing evil apples for a while now and got me involved so now every day before finals is a day to get a little fun in and help loosen the stress finals puts on you.


Several member of the wing took advantage of the lovely weather we have been having lately and went out disc golfing. I forgot how good of a workout it is (especially after searching for a lost disc for 20 mins.) and it is a fun alternative to going to the gym if you aren’t into that. If you don’t have a disc and want to come¬†disc golfing sometime stop by your RA’s room and he’d love to loan you one.

Guys Night In

After a breakup happened on the wing, and coincidentally another one on the same night as this program, 4W had a guys night in to work on our march brackets and talk about relationships. It gave everyone a great chance to understand that you aren’t the only one when it comes to trouble with woman and that each person looks for something different in their relationships. The guys really enjoyed it and we followed it up with a continuation of the program a couple¬†nights later.

Dinner Time

March 2nd saw an impromptu dinner date between several residents of the wing and the RA himself. It was a deliciously good time and if anyone else ever wants to catch dinner stop by and we’ll set it up.