Professor Cummings

Update from last week… Dr. Cummings came to McGregor Hall and joined us for pizza and icecream while she talked about the Fundamental Engineering (FE) Exam. The FE exam is the exam that engineers need to take if they wish to become a professional engineer. Dr. Cummings talked about what you need to do to take the FE exam, and the Professional Engineering Exam and what the exam is like as well as what the PE exam is like. We had a larger turn out from the entire hall which was great to see because the FE and PE are both large, overwhelming exams.


Packer Party


Last Thursday a group of guys from both wings on the fourth floor watched the Packers annihilate the Bears. It turned out to be a long game from the weather delay but we all had fun watching the game, doing homework, and eating popcorn.

Salsa Making


Last night, Anthony and I were joined by Greg and Cody while we learned how to make Salsa. The event was held in the garden outside of campus and hosted by the sustainability office in campus. It was very fun and informative way to make a healthy snack while learning how to be sustainable for ourselves… and I think our salsa tastes amazing.

First Hall Council

Zach and James and I enjoyed some free trail mix last night at the first Hall Involvement social held in the basement. Hall Council will be every Monday night at 9:15. There will be games and discussions about what is happening throughout campus and the building. James, Zach and I will always be looking for more people to join us.

Game Night

Tuesday Night was an impromptu game night that has turned into an entire week of games. The guys have been playing evil apples for a while now and got me involved so now every day before finals is a day to get a little fun in and help loosen the stress finals puts on you.