Olaf Door decs


Huge shout out to RD Taylor for making these door decs after I won a drawing. They look awesome!




With midterms right around the corner use this door dec as a reminder to not forget to take time to relax. Whether its fishing, sitting in a hammock, videogames, reading a book, or taking a nap do whatever keeps your brain fresh and ready for rocking those tests

Out for a Rip

I’m ready to rip out of the spring and into the summer and as the weather gets nicer and the school year gets shorter, be sure to get outside this summer and not stay inside all summer! Remember to practice good fire safety with bonfires and don’t litter this summer.

March Door Decs

The belated March door decs are finally here! They are some righteous looking hedgehogs and for those of you asking if I will draw red shoes on the blue ones and call them Sonic, you can do that yourself =)